Transferring Patients From Place to Place

Medical Transports: Transferring Patients From Place to Place

Another reason that you may need a medical transport is for a transfer between hospitals, from hospital to step-down unit or from step-down unit to home. Usually these are short rides of only a few miles but are carried out via ambulance to ensure the safety of the patient during the trip. A patient being sent from an intake hospital to a trauma center for instance would need to be monitored very carefully so that all vital signs remain stable during the trip. The doctors can monitor the patient’s condition during the trip by radio and can give the staff directions so that they can all achieve the best outcome for that patient.


Sometimes a patient is moved from a regular hospital to a specialized unit for further care. If they have progressed enough to be discharged but are not yet ready to live at home they may be sent to a rehab or a long-term care facility until they are stronger or until they have relearned certain skills. There are usually transport services that handle these transfers which includes the paperwork at discharge and intake.

Finally, there is the long distance transport. In some cases a patient may need more involved, intensive care than a local hospital can provide. If the situation is deemed life-threatening the patient may be sent via helicopter so that they arrive at the higher care facility as quickly as possible. If they are more stable the transfer may happen on the ground via ambulance. This ensures that they are closely monitored and that professional emergency staff is there in case of a sudden decline in their status.paramedic-group-01

It is important to consider the benefits of using these services for your family even if they are not covered by your insurance. The risk of trying to get someone you love to the hospital or to important procedures will outweigh any cost saving benefits in most cases.